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Organize your CSR seminar anywhere in France with Genius Meetings.
To accompany you on the challenges of sustainable development and make your events exemplaryGenius Meetings has set up the CSR label for the organization of your corporate events.

Corporate social responsibilities demonstrate a real, cultural evolution in the workplace. The company must set an example if it wants to be followed by its employees. That is why Genius Meetings offers you a wide choice of CSR seminar hotels to bring real added value to your company. 

What is CSR?

CSR can be defined as an approach combining enviornment, sustainable development and financial, social, ethical and citizen features. To position your teams in these eco-citizen features and eco-responsible approaches, the role of your company is to encourage the initiatives of each while being part of a participatory listening role.
Do not hesitate to involve each member of your company and to exchange with them to make them actors of the collective approach. Encourage and incite eco-gestures in order to integrate them into the corporate culture.

Genius Meeting offers you many hotels or seminar rooms to organize your CSR events. Our formulas have been developed with committed partners at both the environmental and social levels.

Organize a CSR seminar with Genius Meetings and it will be an opportunity fo you to see the new forms of governance. Take advantage of our hotels to plan a CSR seminar to encourage your employees and even your company towards a global environment of responsibility.