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Genius Meetings, the French-styled Cvent




What is Genius Meetings?


The idea came to founder, Fabien Martre when he was CEO of one of the first event agencies in France.


The largest event company in France with whom he worked with a little then told him that they would never entrust in all of these events flooding through, even though their service was free.


Indeed, they did no want to entrust an intermediary for all these events, for fear of dependence and increased final rates by hoteliers.


On the other hand, the event company was ready to globalize their events and seminars on a platform/software, if it did not ask for commission at the place/hotel, even if it had to pay a subscription fee.


This is how Genius Meetings was created in 2015.


Nearly 10,000 hours of R&D (Research & Development) later, in January 2018, Fabien Martre finally released the software to the public that will revolutionize his event/seminar organization - Genius Meetings.



Thanks to Genius Meetings, companies organize their own events and seminars without any intermediaries!


A knowledgeable focus of more than 10 years is directly accessible to professionals, wishing to organize their events independently.


It responds to a real need of more autonomy, less aid from intermediaries and more savings.



The tool allows the organizers:


  • Help draft the specifications
  • Search for a database of more than 30,000 seminar rooms
  • Launch of a call for tenders with his/her selection
  • Receive offers online
  • Budget comparison
  • Place-based exchange tool (knowledge management)
  • Collaborative tool (you can give access to an event to your colleague, exchange with him/her online)
  • Create your To Do List and receive alerts (a template is provided) to remember things from before, during and after the event
  • Create a reusable "event type"
  • Dematerialization via electronic signature from the contract
  • Creation fo a website dedicated to your event
  • Participant management (invitation...)
  • Budget management of the event (directly with the places + others listed as well)
  • Accounting and contractual documents available online
  • Historization and conservation of all history for 5 years
  • Creation and management of satisfaction surveys to measure ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Evaluation of the event and the providers
  • Global reporting on all events (+ details)


The tool allows buyers:


  • Integrate the preferred supplier and group agreement
  • Blacklist for all businesses in certain places
  • Create complex and multi-stage/step validation workflow (even customizable employee per employee)
  • Customize the supplier repository (integrate new partners)
  • Define user rights
  • Management of the different business units and billing sites and employee assignments to these places (including cost centers)
  • Detailed reporting 100% online for a perfect traceability of expenses
  • Customization of the platform with a logo and text


Thanks to the "Cloud" software of Genius Meetings, companies and professional organizations can organize their seminars, meetings, and study days without any intermediaries.


Thanks to all of these features, the company regains control and receives real help - a "genius" on all sides.


That's where the name Genius Meetings comes from, think of everything when you organize an event, you have to be a genius for that or have a genius by your side! Genius Meetings is a personal assistant that helps you to create your own event.


You are looking for a tool that can help you with the organization, the planning, the drafting of specifications, the research on the places, the management of the guests, the administrative and accounting management... Genius Meetings was created for you!


Do you want to be accompanied by professionals who will advise you?


Our partner is the no. 1 seminar organization in France - IDEAL Meetings & Events.



What sets Genius Meetings apart from Cvent?


This is a question that was asked of buyers who did not want to go through Cvent. The main reason: too complicated for users and hoteliers, which suddenly does not fill up via the platform.


Therefore, Genius Meetings has worked to facilitate the work of hoteliers so that they can respond to requests directly and simply online.


In addition, Genius Meetings has a revolutionary business model because it is free for both clients and suppliers.



If you are a recommended location, send us an email and contact us at geniusmeetings.com to receive your identifiers.



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