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To thrive as part of a team, the individual must feel a part of it. The integration process ideally begins with the arrival of the new element in the company, where it must feel welcomed. The feeling of being expected to have a clearly defined placce and role in the organization chart are determined for the future development of the new recruit.

The integration of a new employee must be considered as an investment for the company. Comfort at your job and within a team is indeed a perfect remedy for turnover and the costs it generates.

Welcoming the person and their skills
At the time of recruitment, the new element was selected for its personal qualities and skills. Thereafter, the welcome he receives must reflect the convictiont hat he has made the right choice, that he has bet on the right person/ This valorization of a past course has only to be reinforced and followed by effects by the new arrival.

Giving the keys to success
To be recognized as a member of a team, the newcomer must be introducted to the other protagonists. A person to turn to in case of questioning can be designated to ensure the transmission of the company's values and tools. Information, listening and dialogue play an essential role at this stage in order to measure the difficulties encountered, the satisfactions and expectations of the person.

Set a probation period
During this period, the person being integrated is expected to achieve objectives that will make it possible to judge, beyond his skills, his degree of commitment to his mission and his involvement.

Beyond the tasks related to the position integrated by the newcomer, it is the activities outside these missions that enable a person to feel fully integrated into a society.
Team Building's activities are perfectly adapted to this type of objective. Artistic activities, like more sporting activities, allow everyone to fully open their eyes to others, allowing them to discover the newcomer as he or she really is.

A good integration in a society requires a good knowledge of all the people who share the workplace. But it is outside this place of work, during more relaxed moments that the real personalities discover themselves. 



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