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Integration seminar: a better way to welcome new recruits




Why organize an integration seminar?


To develop your business or improve your productivity, a company often decides to hire new employees. This is a delicate decision because the arrival of new employees may create a certain disorder. We will have to ensure their integration. The ideal solution is the organization of a seminar.



The interest of organizing an integration seminar


Why organize an integration seminar? Simply to ensure the success of the new hiring. It must be said that this lies in the ability of new recruits to put their skills to the benefit of the company. However, it is impossible when they do not feel comfortable or if they have difficulty integrating the team. They need this sense of belonging to be willing to contribute to the development of society.


It also happens that the elders are not really ready to welcome their new colleagues and collaborate with them. It is the duty of managers to facilitate contact and build lasting relationships between their employees. This is why they have an interest in bringing the whole team together in one place, in a less formal setting.



The objectives of the integration seminar


The integration seminar is a management technique that is starting to really flourish. The first objective to achieve during such an event is to allow new recruits to become familiar with the company. Indeed, it is necessary to reveal to them the values of the company, its activities as well as the strategies already put in place. It's also a good time to get to know each other and build relationships between team members. Among other things, we can add discussion and reflection workshops to the program. Of course, for there to be a real cohesion between the old and the new employees, the establishment of a team building is also necessary.



The organization of the integration seminar


To begin, you need to define the duration of the integration seminar. A day can be enough. However, to achieve the set goals, some companies rely on a format of two or more days. It must be said that the topics to be addressed are numerous. The success of the event is also based on the choice of the date. Everyone must be present. Otherwise, team cohesion can not take place. Thus, it is not advisable to organize the seminar on public holidays or weekends.


Now you have to choose the place. If the company has a large meeting room, it is quite possible to realize the meeting within the business premises. But the ideal is to opt for an atypical place to make the event more enjoyable.



The keys to success of the event


For an integration seminar to be a total success, preparations must be started on time, three weeks earlier. It is also essential to find the perfect meeting place. The room must be equipped with all necessary technical equipment such as the interactive whiteboard and the Internet connection. In addition, you must select the activities to be offered during the Team Buildings session. Art workshops, outdoor sports practice or board games, the choice is to be made according to the average age of the participants.



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