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Organize a residential seminar


Simply organize a residential seminar!


In order to organize a residential seminar in a hotel, nothing is more simple than that!


It would be enough for you


  1. To find a hotel on a site/platform or with your colleagues who have already organized seminars.
  2. To ask them for quotes by providing them the maximum amount of information.
  3. To compare quotes.
  4. To negotiate with the last 2 hotels online.
  5. To validate your hotel choice and sign the contract.
  6. To pay any down payments.
  7. To invite participants to come to the seminar accurately.
  8. To organize the different routes to the hotel that is hosting the seminar.
  9. To provide the hotel a program of your event and the rooming list (essential during a residential seminar).
  10. To give the guests their programs once they arrive (or ideally before).
  11. To give the guests the keys to their rooms.


And now, your seminar is organized!


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