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Do you wish to organize your corporate seminar or event, but you are unsure about which country to build your organization in? Choose France to organize your corporate events and seminars.


We will present to you the reasons for why France is one of the best destinations that attracts both tourists and professionals for business travel, team-building, seminar purposes and all types of professional events.


It turns out that France is the first business destination with 83 million foreign tourists in 2016, which makes it equally the best tourist destination as well. Note that the majority of business trips take place at 9.5% in September after summer vacation.

One of the reasons that France is a business destination is because of the numerous, international companies present on the territory, and its involvement in the organization of trade shows. In addition, France offers you a variety of places to organize your events, with large rooms, like le Palais de Congrès for example. Also, in France, many hotels are equipped to host a business class, where it is possible to hold professional meetings.


Organizing your event in France will permit you to profit off of many advantages from the country itself, which is one of the only ones to offer you a diversity of landscapes, mixed lakes, the sea, mountains, tropical regions overseas, and large cities such as Paris, Bordeaux, etc.


If the big cities, such as Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, and Lyon, have been able to diversify and seduce the clientele for the organization of professional events, more intimate cities such as Normandy for example, are very popular for their corporate seminars.


Organizing your professional event in France will give you the opportunity to introduce your team to the richness of the historical, cultural, and artistic heritage of France.


You can organize your corporate seminar or event in atypical places such as castles, museums or churches, and many other unusual places in many cities in France. France is a country that has managed to preserve its natural places, and so you can enjoy its many gardens for example, such as the Luxembourg gardens or Butte-Chaumont. In these natural places, France allows you to program team-building or professional meetings outdoors.


The geographic situation of France is not to be neglected. Being categorized as a place of passage by many Europeans, it can be the destination to organize your professional event and can bring together your entire team in a privileged place, especially as the country is served by many airports scattered throughout the territory.


For this, France has a good, monetary value with comprehensive offers, adapting its rates for business groups. Hoteliers often offer a wide range of accommodations and catering services that are to be compatible with all portfolios of professional event organizers.