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Organizing a corporate event may seem simple, but even when you have years of experience, you can sometimes forget the fundamentals.



1- Anticipate and be as accurate as possible



· Anticipate and organize a meeting with the decision makers very quickly to know the stakes at hand, the form of your event, etc...

· What kind of event or seminar is it?

· Which participants are attending?

· What is the budget for the event or seminar

· When is the date of your event? Is it a flexible date for your participants?

· What are the objectives or risks of your event or seminar?

· Any messages?

· Did your participants appreciate the event/seminar or not?

· What is the program of the event?

· Does the event recognize all or only part of the organization?



2- Create the plan for your corporate event



· You must then create your event step by step, starting from the arrival of the participants until their departure

· You will be able to precisely define your needs

· Ex: a residential seminar

· Once the participants first arrive at the reception desk, should they register, or should they give the receptionist their bank card?

· Then they leave their luggage in the lobby, how long do they have before they must pick it up again?

· Then they will need to go to the full meeting room, but how do they know where it is?

· Give them a program upon arrival and by mail before they arrive as well

· This allows you to provide the program to the participants upon arrival as well as in the mail prior to the event

· In the room, what are the technical needs required for the event? Will there be coffee or snacks provided?

· With all of this, you will receive a complete summary of the event

· You will know all your needs for your business event: rooms, techniques, accommodations, catering services, animations, and goodies.



3- Consult the event service providers



· With this complete summary and the detailed program, you will be able to consult the service providers

· Evidently, we advise you to search them via Genius Meetings

· Note that you must send them the most complete summary possible because everything planned upstream will cost less in the end

· According to the hoteliers: "As soon as the contract is signed, any addition is billed at the normal price."



4- Compare the return of places in detail



· This is an essential moment

· The main difficulty is that you must first check that the quotes correspond well with your summary... and from our experience of more than 100,000 events organized, 1 out of 2 times has this not been the case

· Do not hesitate to exchange with the places and requalify the specifications

· On Genius Meetings; you have a simple, comparative table allowing you to compare the quotes at a quick glance



5 - Develop a To Do List for your event



It helps you to remember everything before, during, and after the event!



Here is an example of a To Do List:



- Before D-Day :



o Clarify the goals and objectives of your event/seminar

o Block a date

o Determine a retro plan and a To Do List

o Create an invitation list

o Establish a budget

o Select several places to potentially hold your event/seminar

o Develop specifications for each type of service

o Choose your providers

o Make requests for availability support

o Create and send your invitations

o Create a site to centralize the registrations

o Create the different signs

o Review all the details with suppliers

o Pre-validate all the reservations

o Manage the contractual aspects with your providers

o Manage the financial aspects

o Send the rooming list

o Create a menu choice

o Create badges

o Create the event program

o Manage the VIP and Pre-Night/Post-Night seat arrangements



- D-Day : 



o Receive the guests

o Receive the speakers

o Distribute the badges

o Distribute the event program



- After D-Day : 



o Create and send your satisfaction surveys

o Evaluate your providers

o Anticipate the next event by putting up a reminder



6 - Communicate about your event and send your invitations to participants



· It is now essential to create a website dedicated to your event, on which the participants will find all the practical information about it

· In the end, this helps you to save a lot of time because it saves calls and emails, and allows you to answer a lot of questions

· You are also able to create a website easily via the free tools online or through Genius Meetings

· We advise you to create the site as soon as the place is chosen and as soon as you have contractualized

· Tip: Fill the site as you go and inform the participants as soon as new information is available

· To follow the participants, we recommend that you send them an automated email

· Don't forget to restart a few days before the participants!



7 - Speaker briefings, service providers and the organization's team



· This step is essential so that everyone knows what to do and when to do it

· This step must be done a few days before or at worst a few hours before (not recommended)

· For the speakers, we advise you to discuss with them the timing of their speeches from the beginning (drafting specifications...)



8 - Measure the satisfaction/ROI (Return on Investment) of your event or seminar



· You must first create your questionnaire

. An example: http://www.idealmeetingsevents.fr/2015/08/26/enquete-satisfaction-journee-etudes/

· Don't forget to include questions allowing you to measure your ROI

· Then, you must broadcast the question and eventually raise it

· The software platform, Genius Meetings automates this, but you can also use other tools



9 - Evaluate your service providers



· After evaluating your participants, you are now able to evaluate your service providers

· You will also be able to evaluate their capacity of accompaniment in the organization of the event or the seminar



10 - Anticipate the next event



· To govern is to foresee! So now, it is time to anticipate your next event. Either by interrogating the providers now or by adding a new task for yourself.

· The sooner you go, the stronger your capacity to negotiate!





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