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Original seminar: How to imagine and create it




How to organize an original seminar


Bringing together the team is an effective management tool when there is an important topic to deal with. This is the case for the launch of a new project, a drop in productivity or the application of a development strategy. Giving a touch of originality to the event is a way to ensure its success. How does one create an original seminar?



Create a more flexible schedule


Certainly, a seminar is a purely professional event. Participants come to work. However, the meeting should adopt a less restrictive aspect. Indeed, it must allow your employees to forget the heavy atmosphere in the office. In this way, you can count on their attendence. In addition, they will be able to focus more on the purpose of the meeting. To do this, you have to design a much more flexible schedule.


First, the duration of the meeting is shorter. The goal is to convey the message quickly. Then, it is necessary to alternate work and relaxation. By doing this, you can create an original seminar that your employees will not forget.



Choose an authentic theme for an original seminar


The tendency when organizing a seminar is to choose a theme that could attract participants and make them want to attend the event. Companies often opt for sport or culture. The idea is to give an overview of the distractions included in the program during the meeting. But since the goal is to design an original seminar, we must focus on a theme that is less ordinary and perhaps even unusual. By opting for a cabaret, an adventure or an expedition for example, you will arouse the curiosity of your guests.



Choose an exceptional seminar venue


If the idea is to create an original seminar, it will be necessary to leave aside the too classic places like the meeting room of your local professional. It is essential to opt for an exceptional place. To break the walls between managers and employees, for

example, you have to organize the event in the middle of nature. It will be a green seminar. To amaze your employees and boost their motivation, choose a castle. A seminar in the mountains is however recommended if you want to guarantee a real change of scenery to your guests and optimize their creativity. Finally, to create a real incentive meeting, a stay at the sea is the ideal plan.



Activities to propose for an original seminar


Obviously, the activities to be proposed depend on the chosen place. Outdoor activities are preferred if you have chosen a stay in the mountains, the countryside or the sea. Your employees will enjoy the landscape. And since you plan to carry out an original seminar, you have to be imaginative and avoid common activities. Of course, they must be accessible to everyone and they really allow team bonding. Among other things, we mention orienteering or paintball.

If the activity of outdoor activity is impossible, it is necessary to turn to the animations in room. This is the case of the Escape game. This is an escape game that takes place in a room with an authentic decor. Note that all these activities require the ability of participants to collaborate.



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