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Efficiency package for providers/sites





" Improve your commercial efficiency and gain visibility with event and seminar organisers"




checklist-checked-box1.png  Quotation preference management


  • Allows you to set your terms of sale: terms of payment, cancellation, dislocation...
  • Allows you to only receive requests above a certain budget.


arrow.png  To gain in time and commercial efficiency.




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checklist-checked-box1.png  Commercial efficiency package


  • You have the possibility to know who visited your file on Genius Meetings. You can also contact them and offer them your services.
  • You have access to customers' contact details as soon as they ask you questions (other suppliers only have access to them when the event is confirmed).
  • You know your competitors on each tender.



arrow.png  To prospect, sell more and better



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checklist-checked-box1.png  Formation


We accompany you with a 1h training via join.me. During this session we present the different functionalities of the platform, and help you to integrate the first information necessary for the organization of the first events.

Visibility credits allow you to appear at the top of search results based on the number of credits purchased.




arrow.png  Become autonomous on the use of the platform.





checklist-checked-box1.png  Telephone support


  • Phone and chat support is available to help you use the platform 5 days a week from 9am to 6pm.



All these options for only 99 euros per month per establishment.



Our commitment to the first 100 customers: :


This investment must be profitable for you.

So, at the end of the year we look at the turnover you have made thanks to the platform. If it is not 10 times more important than what you paid us, we extend your subscriptions for free until this X10 commitment is reached (with no time limit).




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