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Our participant management packages for event organisers and MICE buyers






checklist-checked-box1.png Simple participant management 


Free for mess than 100 participants per month 49 € / beyond


Features :

  • Your  registration form: Company, name, first name, email, phone and comment.
  • The events website - conten and charter.
  • Emails sent to participants.
  • Satisfaction survey.


The number of e-mails sent to guests is free whthin the limit of 30 000 e-mails per event; the number of contacts for an event is limited to 10 000, and all events combined, to 30 000. Above these thresholds, consult use 



arrow.png  Save time and efficiency, know the ROI post event.  




checklist-checked-box1.png  Advanced participant management


 Princing on quatation

  • See the features below



arrow.png A real marketing tool for your events !



Gestion des participants basique avancé ENG





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For any susbscription to a premium offer we offer you :


checklist-checked-box1.png  Formation


We accompagny you with a 1 hour training via join.me. During this sesssion we present the different features of the platform, and help you to integrate the first information necessary for the organisation of the first events. 



arrow.png Become self-suffients in the use of the platform.




checklist-checked-box1.png Phone support


  • Phone and chat support is available to help you use the platform 5 days a week 9am to 6pm.



arrow.png A consultant at your service.




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