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What is a residential seminar?





Organizing a residential seminar is a way to ensure the smooth running of the company. In general, it is an event organized in one day, with at least one night. But there is nothing wrong with spreading it over several days. The program varies according to the objective to be achieved and the profile of each participant. But what is a residential seminar?



What is the residential seminar?


In fact, a residential seminar is a work meeting that takes on a more unique aspect. It consists of bringing employees together in an unusual setting, outside the business premises. In general, the event takes place in a luxury hotel, a castle or another establishment specializing in the hosting of a professional event.


Note that several reasons can lead a company to organize a seminar. But in general, the goal is to strengthen bond between employees. Thus, outside of the main program, activities that allow the creation of team spirit between the participants are on the agenda.



The different types of residential seminars


As already mentioned, the residential seminar is organized for various reasons. The theme of the event can be emphasized on the training or reinforcement of the competence of the employees. One day is enough to pass on the new knowledge.

Some companies also organize this type of meeting to facilitate the integration of new employees or business partners and welcome them. But the seminar can also take on the appearance of a team building. In this case, it is organized especially to increase the motivation of the collaborators and to give rise in them a true team spirit.



The benefits of hosting a residential seminar


It must be said that the advantages of organizing a residential seminar are numerous. First of all, going out of the usual environment can only boost the motivation and enthusiasm of the employees, whatever the work to be done. In addition, it will promote exchanges. Indeed, the employees will forget the constraints generated by the too formal atmosphere in the office. They feel more freedom. Moreover, they can talk to each other face to face and in a very friendly atmosphere.


Skype, phone or email are to be forgotten. Since relaxing and sharing activities are also on the agenda during the meeting, the team also becomes closer. Thus, they will be better able to work together. This will increase their productivity.



Tips for organizing a residential seminar


How to organize a residential seminar and how to succeed the event? In fact, it is necessary to study the project so that it leads to success. It is first necessary to determine the budget to be spent in the organization of the event and the number of participants. It is then that one can choose the place where he will stand and its duration. For a residential seminar, it will be necessary to think about the accommodation of the participants and the restoration. If you have opted for a distant destination, you must also think about transportation. Finally, it is necessary to choose the activities to be included in the program. The organization of sports competitions or board games can give the expected result.





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