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Thematic ideas for your corporate events




Are you looking for an original idea or theme for your corporate event?


It is a vast subject because originality is subjective and depends on each person's experience.

Let's take, for example, a management assistant who has 40 years of experience in organizing corporate events, finding an original theme will not be easy.

On the other hand, a newly-graduated event project manager discovers the world of events and may find an Olympiad or a rally as original.


And then, besides the experience of the organizer, the experience of the decision maker and the participants are added as well.


In summary, in order to organize an original, corporate event, it is necessary to go through two phases:


Phase 1:

  • Know the history
  • Understand the journey of the organizer, their boss and the company

If the company is new/young or a type of startup, many themes will be original, and not necessarily digital because the employees will want to change, not remain stagnant in their work!

For a more established company, we will have to go around the team-building providers to know their news, look at new places recently opened, etc.


Once you know the context, you can proceed to Phase 2:

  • Know what the main goal is
  • What are the objectives?


This step is often complicated, because the objectives are not always in line with an "original" theme.

And so, we go back to the definition of originality, which is in our experience, "an idea that has not been made before."


And what type of event are we talking about?

  • Seminar
  • Congress
  • Roadshow
  • Company convention
  • Team-building day
  • Team meeting
  • Training day
  • Client trip
  • Incentive
  • Kickoff
  • End of year party
  • Launching
  • Inauguration
  • Meeting


Now that the frame is set, here are some examples/ideas of original events (but they are very subjective):

  • A seminar in a castle - Chateauform' preferably for all-inclusive and related activities that are often included
  • Privatization of a museum for a cocktail party - my preference goes to the Musée du quai Branly
  • A team-building exercise that is digital and connected or employees realize and invest in a corporate movie - I don't have too much information on that, but the ideas that stand out from your talents are often so original that the goal is reached differently


Genius Meetings was developed to answer to all the companies that organize professional events whether with a team or in full autonomy.