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Genius Meetings Tutorial, for Event Organizers




You, you are connected on Genius Meetings, and want to know more about the platform? We offer a series of tutorials to help you discover the advantages of Genius Meetings, the event organization platform.


The answers to your needs !


Create an event 
  • Search for an establisgment
  • Create an event
  • Create a sample event 
Follow an event
  • Management of current events
  • Event page management 
  • Reqyest page management
  • Participant management





The functionalities 
  • Notification management
  • Email management
  • Billing site management
  • Website creation
Account management aspects 
  • Management of personal data
  • Advanced settings management
  • Compagny data management
  • Subscription management
  • Home page management





Search for an establishment

To be able to organise your tailor-made event, in a few clicks, the "search for an establishment" function allows you to express your expectations in terms of location by specifying your location preferences, type of establishment, number of stars, etc. using filters.





Create an event

You wish to create an event? Genius Meetings, explains how, thanks to its online platform, you can create and manage your event from A to Z, with a set of services directly present on the platform: establishment search, specifications, etc..






Creat a sample event

You have created an event, and you wish to be inspired by it for your next events? Follow this tutorial! Genius Meetings, allows you to create a "typical event", i.e. an event that you will be able to duplicate for your next events while having the possibility to modify it, and adapt it to your new objectives, needs, etc.. This will save you a lot of time for your other missions!





Event management in progress


In this tutorial, Genius Meetings, explains how to access and manage your current events, according to your preferences, your company organization, ...You have events in the commercial phase, which you have not yet validated, and events in the operational phases, i.e. validated by yourself and customers...





Event page management

Follow this video, to understand how to create a Genius Meetings page, related to your professional event. The event page gathers all your criteria and objectives that you wish to develop and achieve. It is important that these are completed as accurately as possible, to give as much information as possible to your suppliers, and make available a set of information to your employees.





Requests management 

Follow this tutorial, to better understand how to manage requests made by suppliers (locations). If you believe that there are documents that are necessary to understand your request, for example, you have the possibility of making files available to your collaborators for download, you yourself will be able to download documents from suppliers, you will have access to a messaging service, etc. 




Notifications management

This video shows you the action of Genius Catering notifications, and Genius Meetings. 
Notifications are a reminder element to follow all your projects.




Email management 

This video, introduces you to the online messaging functionality of Genius Catering, and Genius Meetings. 
Online messaging allows you to communicate with your colleagues internally, with suppliers, and with Genius Meetings. A tab is provided for each actor.




Billing site management

It is important to fill in your data correctly so that your employees can have the right information to place their orders, or to make your invoices. Watch this video to understand how to manage your billing sites on Genius Meetings & Genius Catering.




Management of personnal data

This video presents the personal data page on the Genius Meetings platform. 
This allows you to manage your profile and modify certain information whenever you wish: for example your password, your language, etc.




Advanced settings management

Want to manage your advanced settings options on Genius Meetings? Follow our tutorial! In the advanced parameters of our online platform, you can access: the validation workflow, manage authorizations (i.e. choose if there is an additional validation threshold through purchases),... You can also integrate your employees, either manually or by downloading your Excel file.




Compagny code data management 

The company data management page is a page for setting your data: it is interesting to fill in each section so that your employees have the right information to meet your needs. This is the case in particular for estimates, or the realization of invoices. 
To successfully complete the page, company data, watch this video, which explains it to you.




Subscription management 

Genius Meetings, explains through this tutorial how to manage your subscription. The subscription management page allows you to customize your page, manage your subscription criteria, view all your orders following purchases from Genius Meetings, and many other services.




Home page management 

This video, is a presentation of the home page, to your login as a client on Genius Meetings.

From your home page, you can access establishments, messages, notifications, create an event, and a whole set of other features




Participant management

To properly follow your participants during your events, the Genius Meetings platform allows you to manage your participants by integrating a list of guests to whom you can send invitation mails, reminders, evaluations to know their opinions about the event organized,...

Furthermore you have the possibility to follow your participants with the help of an analysis table.



Website creation 

To communicate around your event, Genius Meetings allows you to create a website in which you can integrate visuals, videos, and hyperlinks to your official site for example. You can create links to your social networks.




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