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Why a web platform for organizing events and seminars?



Why do 13% of users in the USA (2014) use a web platform for event organization?




What's the number in France? No one knows but it was undoubtedly very low at the end of 2017.




Why are the French less inclined to new technologies?




No, it is not that... until now, there was no platform in French with the completeness of the places in France.





Definition of a web platform of event and seminar organization



This is called an "event management platform or software."



The companies wishing to internalize this function have the appropriate tools to do so.




They can organize their seminars, company evenings, meetings... without using an intermediary.






Who uses an online platform of event organization?




All those who participate in the organization of the event from near or far and even the participants themselves!





The organizers: assistant, meeting planner, event organizer, etc



The buyers: MICE buyers, meeting or travel managers must configure the software, manage the rights, set the rules and workflow validation and especially, control expenses and see reports regularly




 Accountants: supplier accounting must view invoices, contracts, and manage payments




 Communicators: configure the Internet websites related to the events and the invitation e-mails




 Participants: register, look at the program, have the information about the event and give their opinion after the event