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Organizing an event or seminar company in 10 rules 


The event and management software


Thematic ideas for your corporate events


The concept of Genius Meetings


Why a web platform for organizing events and seminars


Genius Meetings, the French-styled Cvent


Organizational software of seminars and events

Seminar purchase centralization and cost reduction


Become a partner of Genius Meetings!


Organize your professional event or seminar in France


Price of a company seminar: How much does it cost to organize a seminar


Event Price: How much does it cost to organize an event?


Save 30% on your seminars!


Platform organization of events and seminars: How to choose?


Integrate all your certifications and labels in order to highlight your ecological approach


General Utilization Conditions


Organize a residential seminar in a hotel


Organize a CSR seminar (find CSR venue & concept)


Learning to integrate new elements during a company seminar thanks to a team building activity


Find a seminar room for your corporate event


All the advice of our professionals to help you organize a company seminar or a company meeting

Genius Meetings rewarded with Purchasing trophie


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Management seminar


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Genius Meetings Tutorial, for Event Organizers